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The October challenge has just arrived!

This is a free version of the game containing one dungeon. It is not for the weak, the five top players who complete the dungeon with the highest score will win a key to the final game (including the early access version)

You have until the end of October to slide to the top of the scoreboard.

Have fun!

⋙ Grab your copy of the October Challenge here! ≪

Greetings fellow Adventurer, I'm Ohio Jack. The second-best Treasure Hunter in the world! I have been on a restless quest for The Cup of Eternity for quite a while now. After a long search for proof of its existence on Reddit and Google, I could finally gaze upon the arcane treasure in a deadly dungeon riddled with fatal traps.

I ask for your help to stay alive on this treacherous journey for the Cup of Eternity.

 Game Screenshots

Game Highlights
  • Multiple levels of difficulty.
  • The main campaign contains 35 challenging levels.
  • Speedrunning-friendly (Pre-seeded randomizer).
  • An ingame dungeon builder.
  • Custom dungeon sharing and rating.
  • Full keyboard / gamepad support.
  • Platforms: Linux, Windows, OSX and XBOX.

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